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Information for supported students

  • We congratulate the students whose scientific and artistic projects have been awarded financial support from the Palacký University Endowment Fund.

We are confident that by supporting your projects, we shall help you – the authors of the project – to gain the necessary competences, experiences, contacts and results of your work, which shall also be of benefit to Palacký University, our partners and last but not least also the wider society.

 Read all the information below relating to drawing upon endowment contributions and the realisation of your projects. Should you have any inquiries, we are naturally available to assist you!

  • The students who have succeeded in our challenge are invited to a ceremonial meeting with the rector of Palacký University Jaroslav Miller, who is also the Chairman of the administrative board of the Palacký University Endowment Fund. You will be informed of the date of the meeting sufficiently in advance.
  • The basis of our partnership is a Contract on Provision of a Contribution from the Endowment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Contract), which outlines the important conditions for drawing upon the financial resources and the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • Students shall obtain the financial resources into their individual accounts (the account number is stated in the Contract). The project implementers are obliged to draw upon the resources in accordance with the project budget, which was a component of the application for a contribution from the Palacký University Endowment Fund, was approved by the administrative board and also forms an appendix to the Contract. In the case of changes which may naturally occur during the course of the year of realisation of the project, it is necessary to inform us of these changes continuously and consult us with regard thereto in order to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings upon the conclusion of the project.
  • From the perspective of the legislation, the endowment contribution represents income which must be stated in a tax declaration, although it is exempted from income tax. We shall assist you with the completion of this declaration.
  • The Palacký University Endowment Fund systematically endeavours to build a good reputation, especially in connection with the projects it supports. We request your willingness to co-operate within the field of media promotion of the supported projects. We request your co-operation in the following situations:
    • we place brief profiles of the students and annotations of their project on the website of the Palacký University Endowment Fund. Please send us information in a timely manner, with the requested structure and content.
    • you shall co-operate with colleagues from the Palacký University Department of Communication, who will provide information about the activities of the Palacký University Endowment Fund via the media, social networks and printed promotional materials, both internally and for the wider public.
    • you shall make use of various opportunities in order to promote the visibility of your projects, and in doing so please do not forget to state that the project is (co)financed by the Palacký University Endowment Fund. Please always inform us about all the opportunities for visual promotion of the supported projects that you have utilised.
  • A precondition for quality and successful media promotion of the supported projects is the students’ abilities to present the objectives and benefit of the project to various target groups from the ranks of the lay and professional public in a clear and comprehensible manner. Students have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars with domestic and foreign experts on the issue of communication, presentation and media promotion of science and research, which we hold in co-operation with the Student Career and Consultancy Centre and the Pevnost Poznání interactive science museum. You can find our current offer here.
  • After completing the project, students process a report containing a summary of the items which the student paid for from the endowment contribution. We have trust in the students to whom we provide support. We do not demand a detailed itemisation of the contribution, which consumes precious time (although in certain situations we may request accountancy). However, we request perfectly described outcomes and results of the year-round work, and a quality reflection on the competences gained. On the basis of the concluding report, students shall be awarded a Certificate of Realisation of an International Project, which may serve as a document on their acquisition of useful experiences and skills, particularly in contact with research centres or employers.