„Together we look for global solutions“

Get money for your projects for academic year 2020/2021! We support innovative doctoral student research and artistic projects which have an international dimension.

Online registration system to send your applications for contribution. You will recieve confirmaion e-mail after sending the application via registration system. Please contact us if you do not receive it. Please send your applications with all compulsory attechments till 30th March 2020.

Please, read FAQ carefully before sending your applications! In case of further questions feel free to ask at katrin.stark@upol.cz

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Our mission is to provide support for international research and artistic activities of excellence carried out by students. This should serve to contribute to the development of international cooperation and internationalization of UP and help deal with society-wide as well as environmental problems.

Our programmes of support and connected activities are designed for students who take their scientific-research or artistic plans seriously. We believe that a responsible approach to one's own work within a university environment involves the capacity to reflect upon the significance and meaning of the scientific or artistic endeavour and the ability to present the benefit of the projects receiving support to a wide spectrum of the public, from the ranks of both professionals and laypersons, in a clear and comprehensible manner.

We start out from the concept of the third role of universities. It is our conviction that the participation of such a prestigious institution with a long tradition and promising future in public life is a natural component of its mission.

We are interested in the theme of social innovations, namely new tools directed towards improving the quality of the environment and the life of the entire society. We are convinced that quality of life must remain the chief and conscious motivation for the scientific and artistic work of our students.